First, we would like to thank you customers and partners have cooperated with us for the last time in the supply of high quality agricultural products .

VIETTUAN AGRICULTURAL IMPORT - EXPORT CO.,LTD - VAGRIMEX unit is focused on improving the quality of agricultural products in order to meet the increasing needs of consumers and customers .

Throughout the years , we constantly invest equipment , modern technology line toward rebranding some agricultural commodities in the country on the National and International Markets .

We are proud to be the only company to provide goods Starch Excipients for Pharmaceutical manufacturers of France . Besides, the large business reputation locally and has ordered us.

Currently, Viet Tuan Agricultural  is stepping up the supply of the domestic market for some of the following products:
- Provide clean areas , high quality Sesame ( Black , White Sesame)
- Production of high- starch cassava ( tapioca starch serving food processing and excipients )
- Provides pure Ginger Oil for Pharmaceutical Enterprise and abroad
- Produce Clean eastern , pure . Do not mix chemicals , additives , food coloring
- In addition, we offer seasonal agricultural commodities such as fresh ginger , ginger seeds, corn seeds ( Vietnam , USA , Brazil ... ) cinnamon , rice and tapioca chips ...

We know that the existence and development of a business can not separate the two sides close cooperation for mutual benefits . Therefore, we respectfully submit this letter to You and Your Business customers and partners all over the world . We are always pleased to welcome the cooperation from you.

Enterprise wish you , your clients and partners Health - Success and Development !
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