Dehydrated Slices Turmeric

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We provide slices of dried turmeric, standard export markets for the Middle East, China and some countries in the region.
Dehydrated Slices Turmeric

Dehydrated Slices Turmeric

Moisture: 13.5% max
Admixture: 2 % max
Packing: PP, PE ( net 50 kg)
Container capacity: 14 MT/ 20FT
Origin: Viet Nam
Port of loading: Hai Phong Port, Viet Nam
Author: VAGRIMEX.COM - Hotline: +841234.220.888
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Terms & Conditions

1. SAMPLES   Sample if required will be provided without commercial value. Such requirement of sending samples through courier is charged by receivers except whom having available account (Fedex, DHL, TNT...). All samples are selected from the latest crop for pre-testing and...


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