Cassia Whole, Cassia Tube ( Cassia Cigarette)

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Cinnamon is good the spice for health especially with those related to cardiovascular diseases. Reduce and prevent diabetes High blood sugar causes many serious diseases such as: obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar concentration by increasing glucose digestion, stimulates good insulin absorption for the body.
Cassia Whole, Cassia Tube ( Cassia Cigarette)

Cassia Whole, Cassia Tube ( Cassia Cigarette)

Cassia Tube ( Cassia Cigarette)


Cut Cinnamon Sticks


Used for decoration or spices


10 KGs Net/carton box


Container 20 feet: 06 MTs

Container 40 feet: 15 MTs


Haiphong port, Vietnam


Length: 5cm, 6cm, 8cm, 10cm, 15cm, 16cm, 20cm, 25cm or as per requirements

Moisture: 13.5% max

Admixture: 1% max

Oil: 4%-6%

Taste: hot sweet

Odor: aromatic

Well dried, clean & no fungus

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