Arrowroot vermicelli ( meehoon )

Arrowroot vermicelli ( meehoon )

With 100% arrowroot starch Vietnam, Rain water and water used for the production, our products are not bleached, containing no additives, no impurities, do not use any chemicals, Product color will give you a very good product

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Tapioca chips in Vietnam

Tapioca chips in Vietnam

Dried sliced ​​cassava is mainly used in food processing and animal feed processing. In addition, cassava chips are also used to produce alcohol and others. Past 10 years, VAGRIMEX have supplied thousands of tonnes of cassava chips to customers is the company import and processing plant for animal feed in the country

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Amidon starch - raw materials for manufacturing excipients

Amidon starch - raw materials for manufacturing excipients

With the aim of creating the product class, have a place in the market. VAGRIMEX invested in the technology chain, producing high-grade cassava starch used in the production Amidon Excipients, cosmetics and cleaning products ... Our products have market presence in France serving in the field of Cosmetics

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Cassava starch (tapioca)

Cassava starch (tapioca)

Cassava starch (tapioca) is the product of fine white crystalline powder is extracted from 100% cassava (manioc) fresh. Cassava starch is widely used in the food industry and food outside. In nature, starch is found in nuts, seeds and fruits of plants. It is also the most important source of energy in animals and humans. Starch plays a vital role in our life. The statistical data shows that today more and more starch-critical applications and essential in industry, agriculture ...

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Arrowroot starch of VAGRIMEX

Arrowroot starch of VAGRIMEX

Currently, VAGRIMEX is providing a large number of arrowroot starch for processing and export. Starch is produced entirely from fresh arrowroot tubers, meet production demands eastern and clean food ...

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Dear Business , Partners and Customers ...

First, we would like to thank you customers and partners have cooperated with us for the last time in the supply of high quality agricultural products . VIETTUAN AGRICULTURAL IMPORT - EXPORT CO.,LTD - VAGRIMEX unit is focused on improving the quality of agricultural products in order to meet the...


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